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Frequently Asked Quesions

Electric Blue Entertainment will gladly answer any of your questions, and we want to do everything possible to give you peace of mind in planning your special day. If you have a question you have isn't listed here, feel free to call us at (708) 444-0674, or send an email to dj [at] electricblueentertainment.com

The following is a list of common questions answered by Electric Blue Entertainment Djs.

Do you Perform at night clubs, weddings, and social events?
We mostly just do weddings, and do a little work with corporate events, schools etc… but it has been a couple years since we have been seen in a club or bar.

Can you provide references?
We have a wall of our office covered with thank you letters from happy clients. You can view a sampling of them here. We also have many glowing reviews that can be found online at various review sites like Wedding Wire, The Knot, Yelp, Wedding Bee and others.

Do you have a variety of music that can please a diverse crowd?
Our library has been growing since 1986, and as of today we have over 25,000 songs on hand, and we are always willing to purchase anything that is needed by our clients.

Do you provide a song list to the bride and groom?
Our library contains over 25,000 songs, and it's constantly growing so it isn't practical to hand out a complete list. We do give our clients a current top 200 which is the most common wedding/party music that can be found. It is a very easy way for them to give us a broad stroke of their likes and dislikes. Other than that, we tell them they can choose anything they want, and at that point the only limitation we have is incredibly rare music that we don't currently own and is no longer available for purchase.

Do you bring an assistant?
We do not use assistants, but some of our performance packages do have more than one DJ. Other than that, we try to get a new DJ hired every other year or so, and our training requirement is one year, so on occasion there will be someone extra to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

Will they emcee the event?
Our Djs emcee and facilitate as well as coordinate all that goes on during a reception. We typically are not driving the flow of things as the timeline from the beginning through the end of dinner is determined by the hall. After dinner is cleared we like to let our clients go at the pace they want, though we offer to put them on a schedule if they like, otherwise we will just let them know if something (first dance etc…) is getting a bit overdue.

Will you be attending the event or will it be another DJ?
We have several DJs who work for us exclusively, and we will assign you the DJ who is the best fit based on your tastes and likes, however if you want a specific DJ you can request them.

Do you have any special electrical requirements?
Wishes more than requirements. We have never had a building rewired per our request. We would like to have at least two 20A circuits or better within 30' of where we are setting up, but it doesn't always happen, so we make what we have available work.

Do you have a wireless microphone?
Yes, and it is available for any toasts and speeches that will happen.

How much room and time do you need for set up?
Any legitimate venue will provide necessary space for our set up, but we have had to fit in some pretty tight spots before. Ideally we like 8' table better than a 6' though 6' is fine. We would like about three feet on either side of the table for speaker stacks, and lighting trees, but we can make anything work.

What other entertainment or entertainment design services do you offer?
Part of our philosophy is to focus on DJing weddings and that is our specialty and focus. Video, photos, and other decorating should be done by experts in video, photography and decorating. We have up lighting and we will work with video montage people, or other vendors you want to make your wedding special, but other than that, we are there to provide you with the best music and sound for your wedding.

Will you look at a do not play list for the couple?
Absolutely, we tell our clients they literally have as much or as little control of the music as they like. The range we are willing to work in is from the client picking nothing, to picking every song of the night. We don't recommend that, but we will do it. The recommendation we do give is for them to pick a third, for us to pick a third and to leave a third open for requests. They of course can ignore this, but it is a nice guideline.

Do you bring back ups including microphones?
Everything has a back up including the DJ. We keep someone available every weekend just in case there is an emergency. In twenty one years, it has not been needed, but everyone sleeps better knowing a back up is there.

What is your cancellation policy?
The deposit that had been paid goes into our credit file and can be used or even applied to a friend in many cases within five years. We have actually applied cancelled deposits as old as 8 years; we are pretty easy going about it.

How much is the deposit?
The deposit is typically half, though is some cases, especially with our bigger packages it can be quartered. A deposit is not required for us to sign off on a date and get it locked in, for that we just activate a contract and set the deposit due date to retain the hold from there. It is usually about two weeks from the start of the contract. The clients signature is not required on the contract to start this process so they have no obligation to us, but they can still make a reservation.

Will you adjust the contract for individual needs?
Not really, I can't imagine a valid reason for adjusting the legal language. The variable elements of a contract, times, location, etc... can be adjusted as much as needed even after signing, we have no motivation to stick clients with a service that doesn't suit them perfectly.

Is there a way that clients can save money by using your service?
Yes, simply using our service saves a lot of money. We have put a lot of effort into being the least expensive full time DJ operation in the Chicago market without sacrificing quality. Most full time companies offer a lot less at about a 30% - 40% greater cost. Outside of that, we have not inflated our prices to the point where we can afford deals and discounts. We do offer a military discount of $100.00 and that is all.