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Wedding Playlists

Having your music your way is important to you and to us. All input is welcome, from "Do not Play" to "Must Play" and "This is the stuff we like if it fits into the night, great!" lists.

Electric Blue Entertainment's clients have literally as much or as little control of the music as they like. Our recommendation is for you to pick a third, for us to pick a third and to leave a third open for requests. This is only guideline, so don't feel hesitant to customize your music any way you want it.

Our library has been growing since 1989 and we have over 25,000 songs on hand, and a library that is constantly growing. We also purchase anything needed by our clients that is not in our music database, so your available selection is essentially limitless.

Songlist Ideas

We'd love to help you select the right music for your event. Call us at (708) 444-0674 for songlist ideas personalized for your special day.

Father-Daughter Dance Idea List
Not sure what song you'd like for the daddy-daughter dance? We have a great list to inspire you.

Mother-Son Dance Idea List
We also have a list of selections you may like for the mother-son dance.

Send Us A Songlist

Already Booked? For your convenience you may send a songlist directly via emailing us at:
dj [at] electricblueentertainment.com